Risk of surgery abroad

The decision over where to have surgery is of vital importance. There are excellent surgeons all over the world and, in my opinion, the most important quality of the individual surgeon resides with their own personal level of motivation to travel, visit others and learn from them.

The competence of the operating surgeon and the quality of the environment are both key issues, however, what must also be borne in mind is that there are always going to be unpredicatable factors regarding the healing process. This means that even in the best hands complications or unfavourable results occasionally occur. These are far more easily dealt with when you are in close proximity to the surgeon and hospital. If you have just stepped off a plane having arrived back in the UK and you develop a problem then this may present difficulties.

The other major concern here is the financial incentivisation of individuals who run cosmetic surgery travel agencies. These individuals usually have no medical background whatsoever and are simply promoting a particular doctor or clinic because they are paid a ‘finders fee’ for every patient who travels abroad. Of course this is a highly unethical business and any advice given should be taken with a pinch of salt as they have a vested interest in ‘bigging-up’ their chosen specialist. Patients should be very wary of claims made by non-medical ‘travel agents’.

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