Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing excellent care for all of our patients on a personal and individual basis. A cornerstone of our philosophy is patient education – truthfully explaining what all the options are and which best suits the patient. We see our role as patient educators, empowering patients to make their own informed decisions about undergoing treatment and advising on the pros and cons of surgery; including possible risks and complications. We also aim to provide the very best quality aesthetic medical and cosmetic surgical procedures by constantly investing in our staff, premises and equipment. We travel to seminars and meetings frequently to update our knowledge and ensure we are at the cutting edge of our industry.

Mr McDiarmid owns many of his own surgical instruments and equipment. This means that he does not have to use a slightly different instrument every time he performs a procedure. The benefit of this is seen during surgery when instruments are transformed into an extension of the surgeon’s hands. Not having to follow the brief learning curve with odd instruments of different weights, lengths and degrees of sharpness is an important quality assurance step which he feels impacts positively on the quality of the result.