Why Have Plastic Surgery?

The best reason is for yourself! Many of us have features that we would like to change or improve and if this can be done easily and safely then why not?
Beauty certainly does lie within but unfortunately society judges us on the basis of our external appearance. Confidence in our appearance also influences our behaviour and gaining self confidence is a worthy aim for any aesthetic surgery patient. Let’s be honest – we are not all born as good looking as each other and mother nature and old father time are far more generous to some than others. There is mounting evidence that individuals who are better looking have better social and employment opportunities than those who are not so lucky. An increasing number of patients are choosing cosmetic procedures to give them a more competitive edge in business and allow them to compete more confidently with younger opposition. We all have differing degrees of aesthetic sensitivity and what is an acceptable feature to some may be totally unacceptable to others. The parochial view that one should not interfere with nature is one usually expressed by those who know and understand little of what is currently possible. Unfortunately the behaviour of some surgeons and patients who take things to extremes, in addition to media scaremongering, does little to increase public confidence in cosmetic surgery.

Almost always the main differences conferred by good surgery will be far more apparent to the patient themselves than to others and a subtle improvement, in say the shape of a nose, can dramatically improve a patient’s self confidence. Refining a single feature on a patient’s face can be a straightforward and tremendously rewarding activity for both doctor and patient and the impact of this on the way that society interacts with that patient is not to be underestimated.