Breast Augmentation

Under general anaesthesia silicone breast implants into a surgically created pocket either immediately behind the natural breast tissue (Sub-glandular or sub-mammary pocket) or behind the pectoralis major muscle, the chest “pecs” muscle, (Sub-pectoral or sub-muscular pocket). The choice of pocket is largely decided by the amount of soft tissue cover available to disguise the upper edge of the implant and slimmer patients usually are best suited to placement of the implant under the muscle.

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer – A variety of techniques are available for reconstruction of the breast mound after breast cancer surgery. Factors which influence the choice of reconstructive technique are: the type of mastectomy which has been performed, the size and shape of the unaffected breast, whether radiotherapy has been used in the affected breast and the body shape and medical history of the patient.

Breast reconstruction for congenital breast asymmetry – There are a great many variations in the presentation of this condition. In many women one breast is slightly larger than the other and rarely a severe enough size and nipple position disparity exists to necessitate surgery.