Facial implants

Mr McDiarmid frequently uses chin and malar implants in patients who are lacking prominence of the mandible or cheek. They are made of solid silicone and usually placed underneath the fibrous layer, immediately above the bone, in a so-called sub-periosteal (or partial subperiosteal) pocket

More often than not chin implants are inserted at the same time as rhinoplasty or face/necklift surgery and their effect can improve a person’s appearance far more effectively than the rhinoplasty or face/necklift as a sole procedure. It is vital that these implants are inserted into a tightly fitting pocket and, where necessary, anchored in place to avoid implant displacement.

Over many years mild wear and tear at the bone/implant interface may be seen and it may be necessary to change implants after they have been in situ for a great many years as they can gradually wear.